The Healing Birth Moms Community was created as a healing space for those of us who have placed our children through the adoption process or are in the process of creating an adoption plan. It does not matter whether you are brand new to adoption or a "veteran", or if you are considering adoption for the first time. All are welcome here. 

This is a space where we can come together to share resources, support one another, grow and heal. 

We know that there is no healing when we fall into shame and isolation. Real healing begins with connection, conversation and conscious action. Through this process we can begin to understand and unravel the shame and self-judgement, embrace the journey and transform the experience through self discovery. We can then eventually arrive at self-love completion, and ultimately offer our experiences in service to others. 

The Healing Birth Moms Community is also about paying it forward. We aim to share our gifts with others who may benefit from our experiences and wisdom. 


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