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Beauty from the Inside Out April 2, 2017

This is a big subject. I am 51 years old, turning 52 in June. I am fortunate in that I have always had good skin, been in good physical shape and look younger than my years. Yes, I am one of the “lucky ones”. I also eat well, get a good amount of exercise and try not to drink too much alcohol. I take yoga, meditate, control my stress and anger responses and keep positive, happy friends and business relationships.

A big part of aging has to do with the stress, how we deal with it and and the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. So many of us are running around unfulfilled. We wake up stressed and we go about out lives on auto-pilot, just counting the hours until its over, or until the weekend, when have a 2 day reprieve and we don’t have to go to the jobs that many of us hate.

This is NO way to live, at least not for me. Granted, many of us are locked into a lifestyle that we really can’ afford. Hopefully we don’t find this out when we lose or jobs, or become injured or sick and can’t work for a month, 3 or more. This happened to me recently. Having been a hair stylist in a very high end market for over 30 years, I had to have shoulder surgery (rotator cuff injury due to my work) and was forced out of work for what has turned into 3 months and counting.

Now, I am self employed, therefore I don’t qualify for state disability, I have NO private disability insurance, due to an accounting error made by the company I DID have a policy with for 15 years. Conveniently (for them), when I needed it, I no longer had it. Additionally, as with many businesses, around 2010, the economic downturn decreased my income by almost 50%.  And, I am a single woman living in Los Angeles. Not pretty.

So, when I needed surgery, I had no income and no savings to support me through this time, having lived on my savings for the last 5 years. I am also paying off a large debt incurred when I desperately tried to remain loyal to my clients and provide a nice salon space for them to come…at discounted rates.

I tell you this NOT for sympathy. Only to say that through the help of friends, I was able to borrow the money needed to get the surgery and pay for my expenses while not working. It’s scary, being that vulnerable and exposed. But I chose to see it as a GIFT, and use this as a lesson for me. And a time to reorganize.

I took an amazing trip on air miles. My friend who owns the resort where I stayed in Belize gave me an insane discount. I met a wonderful man who was writing his second book and inspired me to begin writing my book, for REAL this time. People have showed up to support me. Friends have sent Whole Foods Gift cards, taken me to dinners. Instead of being a time of stress, it has been a time for me to see how much I a truly loved and supported by The Universe, and by a community of kind and loving people. Yes, I get scared when I get too much “in my head”. The answer for me has been to go into my HEART. I have experienced real LOVE. The kind of love that I never had felt before or even knew existed for people like me. And the gift in all this is that it’s helping me to finally learn to love MYSELF.

So the message here is that REAL beauty comes from INSIDE. It starts and ends there. Get right with yourself. Make complete your relationships and clean up unfinished business. take time to check in with YOU. Meditate. Pray. Pet your dog or cat and learn to love and share love that way. Learn to ask questions. LISTEN. People soften when they are heard. It all starts with ME, with YOU.

THAT is TRUE beauty.

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